Q —  What can I do to get better sound out of the stereo on my 89 Turbo Cabriolet? I will not cut or modify the car so if you suggest this, FORGET ABOUT IT!   Marc

I respect that Marc, I would not endorse cutting either but there are options. Although there are many excellent products, I prefer Blaupunkt. Since Blaupunkt is a subsidiary of Bosch and Bosch is the engineering God of German electricity, it is a natural choice. Blaupunkt was the original manufacturer of the sound system in your Cab.   Blaupunkt systems can be fitted that will leave the wiring intact. Regardless, do not cut the harness! That would be a sin. Now since, you can keep the original harness, relax. Now how about speakers?

When you cue “Drive my car” and John starts his lead riff it has to feel solid. When Ringo and Paul kick in, you want your solar plexus to thump as you tap the steering wheel. At the first chorus when the piano run anchors the chorus “Baby you can drive my car” Paul’s bass line has to be crisp and solid, not muddy and distorted.

Speaker location and size are the limiting factors. And as everyone knows, size DOES matter. So what can you do? Simple. Hide a subwoofer and upgrade the door and rear quarter panel speakers to the best components possible. Blaupunkt has an 8 inch self powered 140 watt subwoofer that fits neatly under the passenger seat. It is only 80mm thick and it works!   On some cars, the seat needs to be raised an inch but no one will notice.

No, you car won’t thump like that jacked up Camaro at the stop light. And you won’t annoy your neighbors. But your spouse might wonder why you sit in the car until the song is over. It sounds that good. –MC