Q – I have a 98 Boxster and it has an interior rattle that annoys me. I tracked it down to the screen that fits behind the seat in the hoop of the roll bar. Got a hot tip before I Gorilla glue it?   Ed

Sure Ed, get some Velcro and remove the screen. You will notice four points where rubber pads cushion the plastic piece against the roll bar hoop. They have gotten squashed over the last 10 years or just fell off.

You can replace the rubber pads with the “loop” part of self adhesive Velcro tape (You won’t be using the “hook” part, just the loop.) Once you clean the old goo off with alcohol, cut little rectangles of Velcro to replace the rubber pads. The Velcro will be a little thicker (more cushion) than the rubber pads. While you are at it, do the drivers side. I promise the rattle will annoy you no longer and they will snap in place with authority.  –Mc