Quality Standards for Exhausts

Our estimates are based on the assumption that everything will fit like factory original components. Custom fitting; such as heating, bending, welding or hanger modifications may take longer and increase your final cost. We hope not. READ MORE 

Watch & Help Policy

Many people wonder if they can watch while we inspect or repair their car. Here…you can… we welcome you into our shop where you can watch and ask questions provided you know the rules. READ MORE 

Quality Standards For “No Start” Diagnosis

Our diagnostic processes were developed in accordance with standards provided by the Robert Bosch Corporation. We also apply our empirical knowledge of how cars respond to our environmental conditions and research technical service bulletins that apply to your model. READ MORE 

Assortment of tips for you Beetle owners!

Problem: Wiring fault with the fuel injection system Background: The car ran great before it was parked. The battery was dead, you jumped it but still no go. You charged the battery and it now cranks fine. READ MORE 

Why does my Bug bog when I step on the gas?

Q: Why does my bug bog when I step on the gas? When I try to take off from a light, it just sits there and coughs. If I take off easy, it’s OK. If I slip the clutch a lot and rev the motor up, I can work through it. My clutch is smelling like burnt toast and my passengers think I am a spaz. READ MORE 

Oxygen Sensor Diagnosis.

Oxygen sensors should be replaced every 60 – 90k miles. Worn oxygen sensors cause engine surging, especially upon start up, and hesitation when accelerating enthusiastically. Upon replacing your sensor, usually a 3 to 5 M.P.G. improvement is noticed along with improved smooth running. READ MORE 

“Ask the Master Cylinder” Articles

“The Master Cylinder” is a feature written as a public service by an ASE Certified Master Technician with over 30 years of Porsche experience. All tips are based on actual events, only the names have been changed to protect the victims.

If you have a question or problem that you would like featured, email them by clicking on this link: email The Master Cylinder, and it will be forwarded to the Master Cylinder who wishes to remain anonymous. All emails will become the property of The Master Cylinder, and may or may not be posted here, and may or may not be replied to. Disclaimer: This information presented is the opinion of the The Master Cylinder. Munk’s Motors is not responsible for any situation that you get yourself into by attempting to follow his advice. For your convenience, The Master Cylinder questions and answers are separated into the following categories: General, Porsche 356 Related, Porsche 911 Related, Porsche 912 Related, Porsche Boxster Related, Porsche 924 Related, Porsche 928 Related, Porsche Cayman Related and Porsche 944 Related. Please note that all of the Master Cylinder articles are reprinted with permission.