Q I’m new to the club, but I’ve been reading your articles in P4’s I’ve borrowed from friends for some time now. On my 84 944 the shifter was very loose and sloppy. I remembered that you mentioned in an earlier article that the shift levers had a tendency to wear in an odd “football” shaped pattern where the pin for the rod goes through the fore / aft rod.   Well, I bought a new lever and removed the old one. I discovered that someone beat me to it.   The lever looked like new. The problem was the fore / aft rod where it fits onto the lever. The eye in the rod had worn like an hourglass.   After doing my online research and discovering what a P.I.T.A. the rod replacement was going to be, I got creative.   I found that a 45 caliber shell casing was a very nice fit onto the lever.   I bored the rod true, cut the shell casing down, and it made a very nice bushing.   I know that you usually get to answer the questions so here is my tip for you!   And can I return the lever?   Joe

A – Great idea Joe!   I am happy to share it with your fellow 944 owners.   Since you are a new member, welcome to the club! Clean your new toy up and show it off.   MC

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