Q – You could say that I am vertically challenged but I can’t grow longer legs so I need your help. When I am at driver’s education, my left leg barely reaches the dead pedal and as a result, I get a cramp in it. Have you heard of a good solution short of lifts?   Joe

Joe this may absolutely disgust you but I suggest a 2 X 4.   Yes, I said a 2 X 4 but not JUST a 2 X 4, but a well concealed, elegant spacer that resembles a 2 X 4 (which no one will recognize as a 2 X 4).

Since you just need space and carving up your interior is not an option, you can fashion a well fabricated spacer out of wood that works just fine. The trick is locating the mounting bolts correctly and securing it well. Caution: The penalty for doing a half baked job is VERY severe! So if you lack woodworking and fabrication skills, don’t try it. However, once the mock up of your new dead pedal is complete, and utter integrity is assured, your local trim shop can provide a type of carpet called “trunk mat” that is very thin and can be glued securely to the 2 X 4.   Performance Products does not sell these but if you are creative, it can be done quite effectively for about $20.00 or less.  –MC