Q – I plan to take my 2002 Carrera to drivers school. I have heard that removing the catalytic convertors will really increase the power.   I have also heard that removing them will also cause the “Check engine” light to stay on. I also wonder if the car will be too loud. What is your opinion? Stan

A – Stan if your driving skills are so good that you need more power in your Porsche, I salute you! And if you really want to eliminate the cats, go for it. Just don’t ask me to do it for you. No shop can legally remove your cat and dozens of people have asked for it.

What a shop can do is make it easy for you to remove your own cat. Essentially, the frozen, rusty bolts can be removed and replaced with nice fresh stainless steel bolts and nuts. The OXS sensors can be removed, threads freshened up and then sensors screwed back in. You can then remove your cat whenever you want without the busted knuckles and cussing that goes along with it.

When the cat is removed, you simply fabricate a method of hanging the post-cat sensors in clean air and that should keep your check engine light off. The cars that I have heard that no longer have cats are not too loud for my taste, just don’t remove the cats and the muffler! You will attract the wrong kind of attention for my taste. – MC