Q – My 92 Carrera 4 has developed a funny noise that intensifies the faster I go.  It does not seem to change in intensity in any particular gear or under load. I thought it was coming from the engine but now I am told that it is coming from the transaxle area. I had the transaxle fluid checked and it is OK. There are no warning lights or anything that provides any clue. What is your opinion? – Chuck

A – You are not going to like it but here is the bad news. Most bearings, which produce this kind of noise, are within the transaxle. But when a transaxle bearing fails, usually the noise will change depending on loading, changing gears, application of power, etc. Your noise does not fit this scenario…and you have a Carrera 4.

The other possibility is the central tube or drive shaft. Unfortunately the only way to isolate the sound involves a lot of disassembly and expense. Once the central tube is disconnected from the transaxle, the source of the noise will be al lot more obvious. It may be small consolation but this is a very rare failure, and I have never encountered it before. MC