Q: I just bought a 2007 Carrera 4 and I plan to take it to Drivers Ed this year. I wondered what I could do to get more power. Is it possible to install a turbo or a supercharger? – Jim

A: The quick answer is: sell it and buy a turbo. But I understand, this is the car you have and you want to have as much fun as you can. I feel the same way about my car, and I want more power too.  For more power, very little is available that does not involve a huge outlay of cash.  For my money, I would start with a sport exhaust and a cold air intake. You can expect modest gains in power but more importantly, your car will feel faster.

For the turbo or supercharger option, there are companies that develop kits for newer cars but it is getting difficult to improve on Porsche engineering.  Another factor on a new car is warranty. Porsche backs their products with an excellent warranty as long as the car is maintained and operated in accordance with their standards. If you modify a car under warranty, they can always tell you to “take a long walk on a short pier” if something breaks.

For Drivers Ed, find out how much fun your car can be with only a few only minor swaps, and next fall, after a season of fun, pose that question again. Some summertime seat time may change your perspective. – MC