Q: I have a 924 that I take to the track and I am concerned about my rear wheel bearings.  I think they feel loose even though I have replaced them.   I have checked out some of the later cars and they do not have this problem. – Gary

A: You are right, your bearings do feel loose, but how loose is “loose” anyway?  First a little history, in 1969, VW Beetles began using the same rear suspension and wheel bearings as your 924. (This is worth noting when you need spare parts.) Beetles and vintage 924’s have a suspension load rating that is rather low. The inner (ball) bearing acts as the thrust bearing and the outer (roller) bearing only carries vertical load. They feel a little loose when they are brand new.  As the cars became more powerful and Porsche upgraded the suspension, a heavier duty sealed double roller bearing was used. These later bearings should never feel loose.

When inspecting the wheel bearings, one needs to be familiar with the engineering, specifications, and the torque specification of the nut.   If you are not sure of the torque on the axle nuts, check it. – MC

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