Are you getting the proper care and treatment of your brake rotors? Check out the Munk’s Motors way. Hosted by Chris “Munk” Braden, master mechanic and owner of Munk’s.

Chris “Munk” Braden brought his restored 1950 Hudson Packard down to Cobo Hall, and took home an award! Much thanks to Master Tech Rick Christian for leading the project to completion.

Watch master mechanic Rick Christian free-up the rusted caliper bolts and pistons on a classic Porsche 928 during a Shark-Fest workshop.

This year’s Sketchbattle (which is described as “Detroit’s first-ever Fight Club of Design”) was held January 10th at the Garden Theatre in Detroit. Check out the results of the artists’ efforts here, or come by the shop and see it in the lobby!

Munk’s Motors customized this fully-restored ’87 Porsche 944 S by replacing the incandescent gauge cluster bulbs with fully programmable LEDs. A 2-way sunroof switch was installed in the blank to the left of the steering wheel which allows the driver to choose their own intensity and color. Way Cool!