Q – I just bought a 1986 944 and although it has low mileage, the former owner was not an enthusiast and mildly neglected it. I have attended two of the club detailing clinics and I really appreciate the demos and info from the vendors. I took one of my cars to the Motor City Auto Spa and I was very pleased. This winter, I would like to preserve and even restore some of the surfaces on my car particularly the rear spoiler and the leather seats.   I am interested in finding out what products you use and recommend and where to find them. My wife asked me for a Christmas list. – Ted

A – Well Ted, I am not a concours guy, just a motorhead who details cars for therapy so here goes. Since I don’t sell detailing products, these are the ones I buy for myself.

For leather (dark shades only) I use Fiebing’s 100% pure Neatsfoot Oil that I buy from Arizona Saddlery. I paint it on with a natural bristle brush and let it soak in for a day or two. On older leather it may take a few applications to get it to penetrate. You can put plastic on the seat if you need to drive the car while it is soaking in.

For the spoiler and bumper rub strips, just like the leather, these plastic surfaces need to be fed regularly. I use Black Magic Pro Shine Protectant. This product is not watered down like most protectants. I have tried every brands that I could find locally and this is my current favorite. I get it at Murrays.

For chin spoilers, tires, and lower side skirts, I used No Touch Wet & Protect premium. This product is not glossy and it evens out the plastic surfaces that seem to get stained or mottled from road debris or scuffing. I also use this product for under hood plastic and rubber hoses to spruce them up.   I also get this from Murrays.

For paint, I like the Magna Sponge instead of the traditional clay bar. It works just like clay but the dirt washes off instead of contaminating the clay.   I got mine on the web. As a lubricant for the sponge, I use Griot’s Speed Shine or Meguiars Quik Detailer. Both work well.

I like Rejex as a protective finish for paint and wheels. I get it on the web.   I have also tried a dozen other waxes. I like the clear product by Turtle Wax called Ice. They claim that you can use it on everything except glass but I have only used it on paint.   Clear polish…what a concept!   They also make colored car polish and again…why not? Some of them even come with a little lipstick style applicator for scratches.

I have faith is in the chemistry of synthetic polymer products. I think they are all good and I believe that for most folks, they are far better than traditional waxes.  If you would have seen my car in 04 when Mike and I first drove it back from Florida, compared to now, you would agree I have learned a lot. I am happy to share it with you, Ted. – MC

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