My Boxster suffered that broken intermediate shaft failure and I had the engine replaced two months ago. Today while I was on the freeway, it started to blow giant clouds of blue smoke then the check engine light came on. The engine still runs fine and I checked the oil. It is only ½ quart low and there are no leaks (unlike the last time it croaked) I am ticked! After a $10,000 bill on the engine I want to burn this sucker.  Rod

Such language! I am not an attorney, if you burn it you will need one now that everyone knows about your evil thoughts. But seriously, it is probably not as bad as you think, just another speed bump on the road of life.

Porsche has updated a device called the crankcase breather assembly three times. My hunch is that yours has failed.   They fail suddenly and dramatically but do no harm except for the smoke screen that you have been laying down and possible fouling of the spark plugs and OXS sensor.

The unit is located on top of the engine and it costs a little over a hundred dollars. Labor to replace it will cost a few hundreds but if you don’t drive very far after if fails (and how could you without attracting the authorities) it is likely that resetting the computer will shut off the warning light.  –MC