Watch & Help Policy

Many people wonder if they can watch while we inspect or repair their car. Here…you can…
we welcome you into our shop where you can watch and ask questions provided you know the

Most shops have a sign that begins: “Insurance regulations prohibit customers in the shop”.
Our insurer does not prohibit you. We keep our shop clean and welcome you in. We will never
put you at risk.

Why are “Customers not allowed beyond this point”? The main reason is to keep YOU out of
the back room. The fact is, most shops charge a “flat rate” for repairs which is effectively
higher than their posted rate. Frankly, a technician who is paid “flat rate”, does not want you
to watch since it slows him down…which in turn, reduces his pay.

Consider this our tuition policy.

We charge for the actual time spent on your car, not a flat rate. And if you want to watch,
ask questions, or even work with the technician, we are OK with that, as long as you are
aware that it will take more time, depending on how much information you need…or “help”
you offer.

We encourage our clients to get involved with their cars on whatever level they wish. Many of
them are excited to find a shop that will let them participate. Remember too, that when we
charge for real time, we effectively charge less per hour than virtually all our competitors. As
you would expect, we will not exceed your estimate without notifying you.