Munk’s Motors is a Four Star Bosch Service Center


The accuracy of your alignment can depend on your needs or budget so we offer you the choice of several alignment options. The simplest alignment is a Specified Range alignment where your car is adjusted or measured within the manufacturers tolerances, for acceptable performance. The compromises inherent in this type of alignment make it fast and inexpensive. That is why most high volume shops, such as Belle Tire and Sears, only offer it that way. With a Normal or Factory Specification alignment, accuracy is our primary goal. When your car was built, it left the factory with these settings. If you wish, we will adjust it to that standard but it usually takes longer. Custom or Performance alignments are also offered at Munk’s Motors. With a custom alignment, you describe your needs, we advise you of our recommendations. We can also work to your specifications. The process of alignment should begin with a test drive. Our qualified managers can often determine which driving characteristics are related to the alignment or other defects. We then recommend an inspection to determine if parts related to the alignment are in good condition and can be adjusted.


Our clients expect their brakes to stop them sure and straight, to last a good lifespan, and be utterly silent. To accomplish this, we apply strict standards to our repairs. The greatest problem facing vehicles in Michigan is corrosion and its affect on brake function and wear. Removing corrosion is critical to lifespan and performance so here at Munk’s Motors we sandblast corrosion off the moving parts, caliper slider surfaces, rotor mating surfaces and linkage parts. For prevention we use zinc cold-galvanizing primer prior to assembly. On moving parts, we apply the appropriate lubricant that is specified by the vehicle manufacturer. We apply anti-seize compound to the hardware. We suggest a brake flush whenever brake repairs are performed. Old fluid absorbs moisture and it can be removed from the brake calipers better, when they are compressed during pad replacement. The alternative, pushing old, nasty brake fluid back up into the master cylinder or anti-lock brake components, can lead to premature failure of those parts later on. Servicing brakes well takes time. The standards that Munk’s Motors apply depend on your budget, your intended usage of the car, and your desire for perfection.


Rear brakes are considerably more complex than front brakes and require special service to last a long life and perform their job well in our harsh climate. The emergency brake mechanism is usually part of the rear brakes, and often requires at least minimal service along with the rest of the rear brake assembly. We will inspect it carefully, and if there are problems that cannot be addressed as part of normal service we will inform you. The rear brakes of a front-wheel drive car usually have serviceable wheel bearings. This means they should be inspected and lubricated while the brakes are apart. We will check for “loose” or “rough” bearings prior to disassembly. If replacement is suggested, it will cost a little more but there is no better time to find out then when the brake drums are off the car and bearings are accessible. As with all brakes, we perform a thorough cleaning of all the moving parts that are exposed to corrosion and lubricate them as appropriate to ensure long life. We guarantee our brake service labor for as long as you own your car against defects. Normal wear is not considered a defect and scheduled brake system flushes are mandatory to keep the warranty in effect.


We stock numerous grades and viscosity of gear lubricants. We always recommend synthetic lube when the correct type is available. This will be determined by the technician when he researches the type. Because, we strive to provide the very best products, we recommend Redline or Mobil One. For most VW and Audi manual transmissions, GL-4 is the recommended type. Redline MTL is used for transverse applications and MT-90 is for inline transaxles. For some differentials, a special additive is required for correct limited slip applications.


To keep your wheels and tires in the best possible condition, we take our time. These days some wheels cost over $1,000.00, just for one. We take the extra care that other shops don’t, making sure that the wheel is not scratched or damaged in the process. Our goal is to produce the best quality job with a final balance that feels great at high speeds. We generally service the steel hubs where the alloy wheel mates up and coat it to prevent “sticking” due to galvanic corrosion.


The hourly rate you are charged will depend on the car, the technician who performs the repairs, and the complexity of the work. Some categories of work are standard regardless of the brand of car. Our rate structure is:

Motorhead Bay Rental
Shop Helper & Logistical Support
Varies, $25.00 to 75.00
Component Prep, Paint, Body & Trim Services
Varies, $25.00 to 75.00
Expert Detailing & Cleaning
Journeyman Tech, Basic Brakes, Exhaust $100.00
Volkswagen, Asian, Standard
Audi, BMW, Saab, Volvo
Porsche, Mercedes-Benz
Chris’ Master Bugmeister
75% of brand price
Rental Car (standard rental situations)
Storage without Prior Arrangements
Storage with Prior Arrangements


We base our hourly rates on the technical proficiency required, vehicle specific procedures and the skill level of the technician who performs the work. Many shops and dealerships estimate their work based on a book or labor time guide and charge a “flat rate” of time. The flat rate time is multiplied by the posted hourly rate and you are charged that amount if they can get the job done within that limit. You are charged the same even if it takes the technician less time than the estimate. You get charged more, if it takes longer. Usually, an experienced tech, or one playing “beat the clock”, can get the job done faster than the rated time. Regardless, you still pay at least that amount and sometimes more. Their effective hourly rate can be as much as double the posted rate! At Munk’s, we charge for the actual time that we are working on your car. If the job can be done in less time than was estimated, we charge less. When we run into problems, we let you know without exceeding your estimate and explain why. In most cases, you win. We model our billing practices after professionals in other fields. Our time records for your job are available for your review. If you provide your own parts, the labor rate will be increased.


Depending on the nature of the work, such as combined labor operations, or inspection then subsequent repair, a labor discount may be given. Discounts are not estimated but will be calculated on the final invoice subject to manager’s discretion.


Our business is similar to a restaurant in that the food you purchase…is prepared and served. Since both components of the process generate profit, restaurants do not allow you to bring your own food. Some restaurants do allow you to bring in your own wine. However, for this, they assess a “corkage fee”. When we do labor only on a car, without any parts, we need to add a surcharge like a “corkage fee” for bringing in your own parts. The additional charge is $25 per hour. A potential problem with bringing in your own parts is the fit and function of components we have not recommended. When we sell a part, we know that it will fit, can be installed within a reasonable amount of time, and will last a reasonable life. Mail order companies are mainly interested in selling parts. They virtually never tell you the disadvantages of installing a part. We simply cannot be so delinquent, as we believe in servicing you WHOLE car not simply pieces and parts.


Most shops have a sign that says “Insurance regulations prohibit customers in the shop”. Usually, if you want to watch while your car is being serviced, you are out of luck. But at Munk’s, we’re different.

We welcome you into our shop where you can watch, ask the technician questions, and learn about your car. We encourage you to become involved with your car on whatever level you wish, or not at all if that is your preference.

While most people are excited that we allow them to participate, some folks are content to simply let the technician do his thing. It is your choice. Just be aware that it can cost more depending on how much information you need or “help” you offer. You might consider this a small price to pay for discovering what makes your car tick.

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