Quality Standards For “No Start” Diagnosis

Our diagnostic processes were developed in accordance with standards provided
by the Robert Bosch Corporation. We also apply our empirical knowledge of how
cars respond to our environmental conditions and research technical service
bulletins that apply to your model.

The technician will first verify that the car has the ability to crank with authority,
which is a cursory check for compression. Naturally, this requires a fully charged
battery and a good starter. We may then recommend a compression test if
indicated by the cranking rhythm or speed. If it seems normal, the technician will
then do an Underhood Inspection (UHI) to look for obvious visual problems.

After the (UHI) he will check for spark to make sure it is strong and consistent and
may also do a fuel presssure test. if spark is OK, if time allows, and if indicated by
the symptom.

Typically within the first hour, the basics are checked and the manager is consulted.
Once a preliminary diagnosis is made, we will stop and inform you, or continue if we
can, within the estimate. Usually, within the two hour limit, we are hot on the trail
of the problem.

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