Quality Standards for Exhaust

Our estimates are based on the assumption that everything will fit
like factory original components. Custom fitting; such as heating,
bending, welding or hanger modifications may take longer and
increase your final cost. We hope not.

The technician will check for fitment of individual components prior
to tightening any of the clamps to help prevent distortion and to
ensure proper alignment.

We seal exhaust pipes, flanges and solid metal rings with high temp.
silicone sealant unless they are the round “donut” style graphite
impregnated steel mesh design. We use anti-sieze compound on
parts that get hot, tend to sieze and cause problems later. As an

added quality process, to ensure the integrity of the system, we
always use self locking nuts.

We have three types of exhaust clamps. German band clamps are
heavy duty and structually stiffer. American style U-clamps are cheap
and easy to seal. The type used will depend on your vehicle and
budget. We always use new hardware and for serious motorheads,
we even stock stainless steel clamps, nuts and bolts.

Labor to install the exhaust is guaranteed for the like of the car. The
components themselves are warranteed by the manufacturer for various
lifespans so please ask your manager to note the length of warranty
on your invoice.