Q: On my 94 C4, the knob that releases the seat back keeps coming off. Is that why Porsche uses two of them on each seat? What keeps that little bugger in place? – Jon

A:  Believe it or not, the tiny little clip that you can’t see (since it is embedded in the knob) originated in a 1963 Volkswagen Type 3. As you know, there has been some cross-pollination between VW and Porsche since the beginning.

As far as retrieving the clip, forget it. Don’t try to dig it out of the knob, once it is stuck, it is never coming out unless you mangle it. And if it was on the lever, now it is down inside the seat.

So you will need a new knob and a new clip. I suggest that you buy two of those little clips. They are installed on the metal lever inside the seat with tiny needle nose pliers.   Since you have to skillfully guide the clip onto the lever down in a hole, you might drop one. I have, (I have probably dropped a dozen of them.) And you know where they go, down inside the seat. So take the second clip and more carefully this time, install it on the lever and firmly push your new release knob home onto the lever. Bolstered by this small victory, you might also check the other three. I bet one of them feels a little shaky too. – MC