Q – For my 1986 Targa I just bought some beautiful aftermarket wheels and although they are made in China, they look great. I chose a slightly wider 7 inch wheel for the front and 9 inch wheels in the back.   The car looks fantastic.

The problem is: When I backed up with my steering wheel turned hard over to the right, the left front tire caught the inside of my fender and peeled it outward. It looks pretty ugly and I am not happy about it. When I bought the wheels I was told that they would fit my car and they would not rub!   Pete

A – There are two solutions at hand. First, increase the negative camber in the front wheels to tilt the top of the tire inward. This will give your some clearance around the outer lip of the fender and with that, your car will corner a little bit better too.   Second, you will need to have the fender lips rolled. This is done with a tool that bolts onto the wheel hub and allows the technician to very gently and gradually push the fender lip inward so the sharp edge no longer catches on the tire. When carefully done it will cause little or no paint damage.