Q – My power steering has failed on my 924 S. When I look where the belt should be, not only is it gone, so is the pulley that drives it! What the heck?   Bill

A – Well, that was an easy diagnosis. Here’s what happened: Either the bolt that holds the pulley in place has fallen out or the drive pulley has fractured. If the bolt fell out, you are in big trouble.   Don’t drive the car until you know!

The other possibility is that the pulley for the power steering sits on a relieved area of the crankshaft which centers it. It is held in place by a cup washer and giant bolt. My bet: when Billy Bob’s Backstreet Garage installed it, the pulley slipped down off that relief just slightly off center. When the giant bolt was tightened, the pulley got bent. The warped pulley would drive the power steering pump quite nicely though it and they probably thought nothing of it. Eventually the wobbling pulley will crack, then break and fall off the engine. The part is no longer available from Porsche and I am hording all the used ones I can find. –MC