Q – My 928 hatch release is driving me crazy. Sometimes it works and sometimes not.   The other thing that’s strange about the car is the window switches. They worked fine until I parked the car for a few weeks and now one works 9 times out of 10 and the other one only works if I push it down really hard. I already replaced them but I got them online, not from Porsche.   Tom

A – The problems that I see most frequently on 928 electrical issues have to do with storing the car and this goes for 944, and Carrera too. The switches get oxidized and quit working. If you keep trying the switches sometimes they will miraculously start working again and the more you use them the better they will work.

I usually trust original Porsche switches but my faith was recently shaken when a brand new switch blew the fuse for the windows as soon as I plugged it in.   The markings on the switches were identical for the O.E. switch and the aftermarket switch. Both were made in Hungary, by the same manufacturer, had the same markings, with only one exception. The Porsche switch was date coded. And for the extra 30%, it still blew the fuse.

As far as the hatch release, once you go through all the usually tests and adjustments, you will notice that the switch only works with the door open. I was fooled by this one and wasted some time and money (mine) researching a phantom problem. Sometimes I am better at giving advice than taking it. I should have read the book on this one. Duh! – MC