Q – My Cayman S track car has black scuff marks all over the clear bra that I had installed when I bought it. I have tried everything to remove them except sandpaper and I know if I do that, it will be a mess. I am thinking that I might just have to replace it. Got any tips?  Pete

A – This is a tough one and while there is a solution I suggest you do not try it at home! There is a chemical that will remove it but in the process, it dulls the surface. This necessitates buffing the clear bra to get the shine back. Folks who have clear bras have complained about the dull finish for some time and they can be buffed and polished, just like paint. I did not name the chemical which works is because I do not want anyone to try it at home. The chemical can also remove paint if not carefully applied. For this one, take it to a detail specialist and let it be his headache. MC