Q – The brakes on my Cayman S are testing my resolve. I admit that I use them hard. I do not abuse them, well OK, I did once, but it seems like no matter what I try, they fade after a few hot laps. Driving this car is the joy of my life, it is a fabulous car but I have tried everything. I roasted my red calipers until the red turned “burnt umber” (from my Crayola days). The caliper seals were shredded and I had them replaced, I installed titanium heat shields, GT3 air ducts, flushed out the brakes after every event and I use the best fluid I can get.   Most recently my master cylinder began to cause a soft pedal and I replaced that too. Still my brakes are fading!   Tim

A – It sounds like you have suffered. Your frustration is very clear. After a test ride with you on the track, I don’t think it is how you’re driving. My opinion is that you have made all the right choices but one.   It is time to try another composition brake pad.   When you build up so much heat that you red calipers turn brown and you can only get six laps in, you need new pads.   While I do not claim to be a brake system engineer, it stands to reason that the heat which shreds rubber and boils brake fluid will also affect the brake pads coefficient of friction.   To stop you have to have both pressure and friction to get the job done.   If that fixes it, remember which pad works and which one didn’t and let me know. The best advice I can give often results from feedback I get from club members like you. MC