Q – My 944 Turbo has a very subtle whirring sound that I hear when I change lanes and load the car from left to right.   I just started to notice it.   Is there any danger or should I wait until it gets worse.   Ed

A – I say trust your intuition.   If you feel uncomfortable hearing or sensing anything your car is doing, drive it to you favorite tech and get a second opinion via test drive.   If could be something as simple as a wheel bearing in the beginning stages of wearing out or a wheel with loose lug bolts. Trust your senses and play it safe.   I associate whirring noises with wheel bearing failure and at first, when the symptom is slight, it may be hard to detect where it is coming from.   On your car, even it your cannot hear it, any looseness in the bearings tells me that you have some wear issues.   Your tech can usually check for loose bearings or wheels quickly and at little expense.