Hey MC,    My 1989 Turbo smells like fuel and I am worried that a spark could ignite it. I narrowed it down to the front trunk area.  Eric

If the fumes are that strong, you bet it could ignite and in the garage, it could take your house with it.   First, if you smell this, do not start your car to pull it out of the garage, push it out and look for signs of dampness. The three most common sources that I have seen are a cracked fuel cap gasket, loose screws on the fuel sending unit, or vent hose clamps that are tightened to their limit without securing the hose.

For the fuel cap it’s easy. Just pick up a new O-ring for it and you are all set. You don’t need to buy a new cap.  The part number is 944 201 553 00. The fuel sender screws often take a sixteenth of a turn and usually this fixes them.   If you still get dampness or smell odor after filling up the tank, try to blot the area around the fuel sender and see if you can detect fuel or vapor. The sender gasket is inexpensive as well and easily replaced.

On the vent hoses, there is a special type of clamp called “Oetiker”. I suggest that you cut them off and replace them with worm gear screw type clamps which can be purchased a any auto parts or hardware store.  –MC