Become a Motorhead!

The “Motorhead” club is an extra-curricular organization, sponsored by Munk’s, but not a direct affiliate of the shop. The Motorheads were started by car enthusiasts who couldn’t resist the chance to work on their own hot-rods in a shop environment, with real bays and equipment and everything! Motorhead sessions are held on an as-needed basis on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 7-11 pm, and on holiday weekends. You must reserve space for every session. There is a fee for use of the shop lifts and equipment and there are rules and regulations pertaining to safety and business quality standards, which is available here. Motorheads bring their own tools, but the lifts, parts-cleaner, sandblaster, and other large equipment are available to the Motorhead. Guidelines:

  1. Every Motorhead must spend 3 hours working on another Motorhead’s car, or completing other assigned shop tasks, before working on his own car at Munk’s.
  2. Every Motorhead must be trained on the shop equipment to be used. This training will take 15-30 minutes and will count toward your 3 hour Motorhead volunteer requirement.
  3. The rates for working on your car are:
    • No cost for floor time.
    • $20/hr for a hoist during Motorhead hours (see #2)
  4. If their car is in for service, a Motorhead may work on his car, while the tech is working on it at normal shop rates, at a cost of $15 per hour. This will, potentially, save tech time, $75-$125/hr, and will give the Motorhead great insight into vehicle repair.
  5. Motorheads may also be hired to work at Munk’s to prep for events and will be credited at a rate of $15 or $25/hr, depending on circumstances.
  6. You MUST buy your parts and supplies from Munk’s.

If you are interested in the opportunity to work on your own car, please call us at 248-681-8081 or e-mail us at and thank you for your interest!