Yes, we are OPEN!

We are are open to serve you. We offer NO-CONTACT drop-offs and pickups upon request. Call the shop at 248-681-8081 or email [email protected] for more information.

– Whenever possible, we will transmit estimates to clients electronically via e-mail, text, or phone.

– Clients may choose to drop off their keys in plastic bags, then drop the bag in the mail slot on Door #1 located near the drop box. The supply of bags for that purpose is located in the “Early Bird Box” at Door #1

– When a car arrives, we will immediately sterilize the door handles, steering wheel, gear shifter, and their key. We will install a steering wheel cover while the car is being worked on.

– Our staff is wearing using gloves and washing per the CDC protocol.

– When the work is complete, before the pick-up is arranged, all surfaces we have touched will be sterilized.

– We will arrange for pickup by means of receiving payment over the phone, and upon request, we will then lock the car and hide the key in a prearranged spot.

– We will give the steering wheel, the gear shifter and the key one final wipe-down with sterilizer prior to delivery.