Q  –  I just changed the oil on my 944 turbo and when I started it up, I got no oil pressure.  As I checked it out, I noticed the power steering pulley wobbling.  I then checked the crank bolt and it was loose so I tightened it.  I still had no oil pressure so I shut it off right away and took it apart   I removed the front of the crankshaft and inspected the oil pump and every thing looks fine!   I have been sitting on this problem for a year and I am at my wits end.   –  Stan

A –  Okay, there’s really two questions in one here, and I’m going to answer the last one first. The power steering pulley is probably bent by being tightened down cockeyed.  It sits in a relief at the end of the crank and it is easy to simply tighten it without holding it centered.  That is probably why you found the crankshaft bolt loose after you tightened it.  I know that whenever I tighten something that then comes loose, I wonder if it is early stage Alzheimer’s or what!   Naturally the pulley sits very deep in the crankshaft main pulley so you can’t even see where you are working.

Oil pressure loss is freaky but It has happened to me too.   Fortunately never while I was driving the car!   Following a number of operations on the 944, the oil pump prime can be lost.  I solve it by pressurizing the crankcase during cranking with the spark plugs removed.  Pressurizing the crankshaft pushes the oil from the pan to the pump and removing the plugs lets the crankshaft turn faster.  This builds pressure without any significant load on the engine bearings since you never want the bearings to run dry of oil.  This combination does it every time. –  MC

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