Q – I own (what I consider to be) a classic 1980 Porsche 924. It has been in my family for thirty years and I love the car. I have had dozens of chances to replace it with a newer car but I plan to keep it forever. I recently learned that I am not alone. I discovered people like me who love these cars and see them as I do…a classic. As I learned more about the origin and evolution of the design I felt even more proud to still have a survivor. I would like to bring it to some club events but I wondered: If I bring an old car like mine to a drive, will everyone turn up their noses at me?—Mickey

A – I am glad that you recognize your car for what it is: A classic. In my opinion, a classic is in the eyes of the beholder. Dozens of 924 and 944 owners that I know will cheerfully tell you why their car is special. Years ago, many in the classic car world felt that the 356 was just a VW on Viagra and it was not considered a very good looking car either. It only took on classic status decades later. Many 356s were used, abused and discarded like yesterdays trash, but not anymore! It may be a long time coming, but eventually your 924 might be considered as much a “classic” as a 356 is today. It certainly is a better handling and far more practical Porsche.

I know some will say, “that so and so MC is just running his mouth again. How dare he compare a 356 to a 924” but the history of both cars is rooted in a common lineage, VW and Porsche. Just as the 356 dipped into VW parts bins for front axle components, steering, transaxle, engine, electrical components and lighting, so does the 924.

Those familiar with the original 924 will see VW Rabbit control arms, Super Beetle front struts, VW Beetle rear suspension, VW bus rear axle joints, an Audi 4000 transaxle and the ultra reliable Audi and VW 2.0 liter engine used in light trucks in Europe! Starting at the parts bin has proven to be a very successful strategy for Porsche in designing and building their “classics” which began as affordable sports cars. The sheer endurance of the design and the longevity of production speaks highly of Porsche’s commitment to the 924 concept which spanned 19 years.

True, the earlier cars were rough around the edges and the engine was not what it would become in later years, but just like the 356, Porsche never stopped improving or building on the basic platform which reached its pinnacle in the fabulous 968! So stand proud, you belong in this group and you are welcome to join the party.   One or two people may look down their noses at you, of course, but the club is home to many different personalities and interests so don’t let that stop you. Many Porsche club members have been wondering about me for years. Maybe it’s the bib overalls, maybe it is my VW connection, but I will welcome you to the Porsche club as will the vast majority who appreciate everything Porsche.   –MC