Q – I have a Cayman S and I plan to take it to Grattan later this month. A friend suggests Pagid brake pads for track use and I wanted your opinion about this brand and compound. I also want to drive it on the street so I am looking for a good all around pad for both modes.    Alex

A – Finding a good all around pad for Grattan and the street is an oxymoron. The problem with race pads on the street is that they are noisy and squeak frequently. The big problem with street pads on a longer track is that they cannot take the constant heat and can boil the brake fluid or damage the calipers, not to mention burning the pad to cinders in just one track run!

Pagid “Yellow” pads are very highly thought of in the DE community. To fit the Pagid pads, I have solicited some important comments from our Cayman brake expert, “Mr. X”, regarding Pagid Yellow RS19 pads: 1) The pads will need to be “milled” or “shaved,” they are too thick to fit in the calipers as-is. The pad wear sensors will not fit into the pads as-is. We would recommend “jumpering” the sensors while at the track. It’s important to secure the sensor harness so it doesn’t get damaged. The use of the OEM stick-on shims for the backing plates of the pads is not recommended on the track. The tremendous heat generated by the brakes will melt the adhesive, and very likely warp the shim plate. These shims are meant for street pads and daily-driving use.

So there you have it. I suggest that you buy two sets of pads, street pads and race pads. Take the race pads to the track or install them just before you leave for the track. When you get home, install the street pads so you won’t annoy your neighbors.   –MC