Club Discount Policy

We support clubs and sponsor events and offer a fair price based on actual time.

At Munk’s we both win….you, since your bill is not “padded” via the flat rate system and us, since our profit margin is based on the cost of doing business which assumes that an hour is really an hour.

Businesses that use a “flat rate” system, charge a flat rate for what they consider a   3-hour job even if the technician gets the job done in 2 hours.  The flat rate system provides greater profit margin than real time based billing.  In essence, even with a posted labor rate of $100 per hour, the effective hourly rate can exceed $150 per hour!  Since we charge for actual time rather than flat rate, we do not “mark up” our hourly rate in this way to increase our profit margin.

Overall, If you ARE interested in saving money on your services, ask if you can assist by prepping parts or combining related operations.  If you want to watch and learn about your car, this is the place to do it.  Ask about “Motorheads”.  Your “sweat equity” can save you money.

For more information on “Club Events or Motorheads or our Watch & Help Policy“, Stop by Munk’s Motors or Call (248) 681-8081 or email: [email protected]