Q – On my 89 944 the hood shocks failed and I bought new ones but they are too long. I can’t get them on! Charlie

A –   Yes they are too long and tricky to install too. If you disconnect them and lift the hood high enough to get the new ones on, you can break the windshield. I know, I have done that and it was quite expensive! So the trick is get two buddies to help. Have your friends hold up the hood while you install the bottom of the shock first. Then, with all your weight, get the shock compressed enough to slip in the top pin. They are super strong and you may curse a little but you can do it. Just don’t try to do it alone. And never grip the polished shafts with pliers or you will ruin the shocks. One last caution…when you are trying to lean on the shock to compress it, grip the body of the shock as tightly as you can…you’re going to be trying to pilot it into a bracket with a sharp corner, and if you slip, you can gash yourself pretty bad. Good luck! – MC

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