Q – I have a ’64 Porsche 356C Coupe — 6-volt — that has an electrical system that’s not 100% happy.  Apparently the charging system is not quite up to the task as a month or so ago I drove to Columbus for an event and half way through the weekend had the battery down enough that it wouldn’t restart the car.

Fortunately, two 6v Optima batteries fit where the original lead-acid goes so I carry a spare.  It happened again last Saturday at Woodward — stopped for gas and no restart.  I’m not an electrical wizard and am looking for help.  Up for the task without costing me a fortune?   –   Chuck

A – That spare Optima is a great idea!   Every August I get the same calls,   “I stopped at the store, came out and the car won’t crank”   And when the car is left to cool off, like a miracle, it starts right up!

I feel fairly well versed in these problems and I suggest solving it scientifically…by testing.  The 5 volt charging system is a serious problem that enthusiasts face with the lack of reliable parts.   The current challenge is a lack of 6 volt regulators. Even NLA who is an acknowledged leader in 356 goodies has been flummoxed. Many who want to drive their cars regularly opt for a 12 volt conversion. Parts are much more readily available.

Rather than burn more ink in this column, go on-line and access all the P4 articles on this and many topics at the SEM/PCA website. Good luck and remember, a fortune is a relative thing. Ask anyone with big 3 stock.